I started this blog to share my travel experiences with friends and family, or anyone else who was interested.

People are often curious about my life. They think about living abroad, or learning Spanish, so they ask me what my experience has been and if I have any tips.

It’s a basic human need to communicate and be heard. I try to see my blog as talking to an empty room, a sounding board, to practice expressing my ideas. My blog is also a motivational tool for me, and an open diary of my research in Feminism and Gender. It’s also a place where I talk in depth about things that bug me in a vague hope of not exploding in public in a seemingly irrational manner.

Mission Statement:

To write openly and honestly about my experiences as a young (bad ass) woman (taking no shit) who travels and is based in Bilbao.

To share interesting things I find on the internet in a well organised, informative, and entertaining way.


My Mum passed away in November 2014, and seeing as she was an avid reader and my number 1 fan, all of my posts are dedicated to her, because she made me who I am today.