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Sore Muscles

Bullet points from this Webmd article:
Work outs cause micro abrasions in muscles. Soreness after is a good sign.
DOMS= Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Warm up. Ease in to your exercises.
Cool down with cardio. That helps your blood stream take away the stiffness chemicals. Stretch. Stay hydrated.
Treatments: ice packs, stretching, massage, heat, ibuprofen
Do: be gentle with yourself. Your muscles are not as strong when you’re recovering.
Don’t: get discouraged



I’ve gotten really in to swimming recently, so here’s a collection of bits and pieces that I’ve found useful in swimming training.

Freestyle/Breastroke/Nado de pecho

General tips:

Common mistakes:


1) Catch up

–every six kicks, pull with one arm. 123456 pull breathe

–single arm variation 123456 pull (left) breathe. 123456 pull (left) breathe.

2) Kicking on the side.

–1234 breathe to the side

— changing variation 123456 pull. change sides.

Flip Turns/Virajes

Practicing part 2 first

1.go down, push off from back, face up

2. go down, sitting position, push off, go onto side (kicking is ok)

3. go down, sitting position, push off, side, front, start swimming


2 somersaults in a row, feeling momentum, learning how not to come out of the somersault too quickly

Dry Land Exercises

1) straight leg kicks (hands under butt)

2) crunches in pilates 100 position

3) sit ups, but with pilates 100 position

4) side sit ups

5) toe touches

6) Lie face down. lift opposing arm and leg

7) Plank

8) Crab

9) yoga push ups: Downward dog. Plank. Cobra.


Apply coconut oil to hair. Wet hair. The hair will then absorb water, minimizing chlorine damage.


Oreos and Cocaine


So, a new study is splashed all over the news. Oreos could be more addictive than cocaine. Here are the problems with this “news”.

1. This isn’t news. Watch this handy little vid if you want to know about high sugar, fat, and dairy diets are key factors in cancer and obesity rates.

2. Anyone who believes that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine either

a) has never taken cocaine or

b) needs to stop crushing up their biscuits and taking them nasally.