My name is Sarah.

I was born on May 9th 1988.

I am Welsh but I have an English accent so I have a tattoo of a daffodil.

I can seem quite serious, but when I laugh, I really laugh, and may cause everyone in a restaurant to turn and look.

I love reading, dancing, cooking, eating, laughing, drinking beer, fancy dress, making wild plans, and making things out of recycled materials.

I studied English Literature and Language at University of Liverpool, volunteered as much as possible throughout my undergraduate degree, then I moved to Madrid (Spain) to teach English and learn Spanish.

I saved money and travelled the world. I volunteered in a home for girls in Honduras. It was amazing.

I did an internship with a film company.

I moved to Bilbao.

I consider myself a regular down to earth person whom extraordinary things happen to.