My name is Sarah.

I am Welsh but I have an English accent so I have a tattoo of a daffodil.

I studied English Literature and Language at University of Liverpool, volunteered as much as possible throughout my undergraduate degree, then I moved to Madrid (Spain) to teach English and learn Spanish.

I saved money and travelled the world. I volunteered in a home for girls in Honduras. It was amazing.

I did an internship with a film company. I raised money for post-production.

I moved to Bilbao.

I did a masters in feminism and gender. It has ruined my life. It made my then boyfriend break up with me due to my “feminist radicalisation”, and has lost me more than one close friend. I now notice everything, probably too much, like how they only let hot women on TV, or how men are very often talking/silencing when they should be listening/shutting up, or other weird shit.

I am now considered a *radical* feminist. This is because I:

-believe men are human beings who can control themselves. A short skirt doesn’t make a man unable to control his actions.

-err on the side of believing women and try my level best to be an ally to other women.

I often joke about “killing all men” but I don’t believe it. I just like to say shocking things.

I wish someone would pay me to:



-invest in my personal development as a member of a team

-write comedy/sketches

-write essays/opinion pieces/social commentary

-edit others’ work

That probably means I want to be a journalist of some sort. But I don’t want to get hate/rape mail about simply wanting to be free within the bounds of not hurting anyone else.