White Feminism

I read this article:


It’s almost impossible not to be a white feminist, but I have to try.

In my masters in Feminism, we were talking about men who want to enter women only spaces. I asked if whites wanted to enter black only spaces in the same way, as I see racism and sexism as different but parallel. The professor said “We don’t need to fight racism anymore. Barack Obama is president”.

I was stunned. This whole exchange was in Spanish, so I felt I couldn’t really articulate why I found this so intrinsically wrong. But I will say it here.

Part of feminism is making allies. We are strong, independent, bad ass nasty women. But we do need allies. So if I’m asking a man to give up his privilege, how can I do that without trying to work on my white privilege?

Sometimes in these conversations in activist communities, it’s like there’s a concept that there’s only a finite amount of resources, so if we talk about thing x it’ll take resources from thing y.

I’m old in terms of life experience, but young in terms of activism. I don’t know if resources are finite. I’m just going to walk through my life, trying my best to stand up to my oppression as a woman, and learn not to contribute to the oppression of others.

One thing that struck me about what Antoinette Torres Soler says in the article is that people don’t expect her to be articulate, or a home owner. So she’s saying, that because of the colour of her skin, people don’t realise that she’s middle class and educated. I wonder what she does for the women who are really living that stereotypical reality today, the ones who don’t own houses, nor speak Spanish like a native. I wonder if she worries about that, like I worry about being a white feminist.


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