Cold relief

Hot Liquids

Hot liquids keep you hydrated and soothe a sore throat. Try boiling water and adding ginger, lemon and honey.


Steam can help reduced congestion. Try a hot shower or bath.

When I arrived in a tropical country with a cold, and within 24 hours it was gone. I believe that the temperature of the surroundings helped my body to kill the bacteria. I’m seriously craving a sauna here but I can only seem to find gay sex ones.


One thing that really gets me down when I have a cold is my lack of activity. I love to sing, dance, and generally potter merrily, but when a cold hits: BOOM. I stay in bed more, and so I feel down.

According to some sources, exercise is OK as long as you don’t have a chest infection etc. I loved this infographic about exercising while feeling unwell. Seeing as my job involves a lot of physical activity (I work with children most days), I’ll count that as my exercise!


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