Men in the Women’s march

Ewan McGregor has boycotted a morning talk show because the presenter was making unpleasant comments about the “rabid feminists” at the women’s March, and how men are losing rights etc etc.

This beautiful quote comes to mind:

When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

I think it’s great that Ewan McGregor would boycott a show because one of the presenters makes douchey comments about something as important as women’s rights. Celebrities, for better or for worse, have an immense power within the media.

As with all cases of people standing up for others rights, I wonder what is the motivation. Is it a publicity stunt? Where does he stand on Black Lives Matter?

Sometimes I feel like people support causes, not through a process of reasoning, but through fashion. Free the Basque political prisoners? I’m a hipster so I say I support that but I don’t actually do anything. The last man who told me he was a feminist then went on to sexually harass me multiple times. His other “feminist” colleague defended his behaviour all the way.

We need men to support us in the fight for our rights, but, seeing as we live in such an androcentric society, where “men” and male based media are the “normal”, and women are the “other” (like the way “white” is “normal” and “non-white” is “different”), men who get involved run the gauntlet entering another space where their power puts them on top, and they end up stealing the limelight. Part of me is thankful that Steve Buscemi was a part of the march, but another part of me thinks: of the millions of women present, you stopped for a photo op with a man, and the media, loving white men, holds them up as heroes. Because women who take pictures of themselves and put them online are bad, are greedy, are superficial. But men who do it have something to say?

Paradoxes. Part of me is grateful. Part of me is suspicious. Part of me is just really tired.



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