Productivity: Tips for Working at Home

To Done Lists

Sometimes I’m at my computer for an hour and I think, what have I achieved? I’m getting nowhere. This is stupid! I should just go do something else…

Keeping a To Done List is a great way to see what you have done in a certain amount of time. I like to keep mine in a simple Google Drive Spreadsheet. Then I sit back and survey all I’ve achieved in the past hour, before taking a well earned break!

Phone on Flight Mode

Like a lot of people, I depend on my smart phone. Putting it in flight mode when I’m not expecting calls or messages allows me to avoid being distracted by notifications (I can’t bear knowing I have a new WhatsApp and not reading it!).

Stop “multitasking”

I can multitask, but I find it’s a lot more efficient for me energy wise to concentrate intently on one thing for a defined period. Changing from one thing to another means I have to warm up different parts of my brain, and uses my mental energy.

Install a Facebook news feed blocker on your browser

I’m currently trying out Detox. Liking it so far. Do you use one? Comment below.

Unsubscribe from emails

I’ve cleaned (and keep cleaning) my inbox with Rollup. It’s great as it allows you to simply unsubscribe from a bunch of stuff, and puts everything else into one email. Simple!


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