Plastic Tupperware, Women’s Health, and Toxins (Brief Overview)

It seems like every year there’s a new health scare, with a trend to avoid it. Gluten, gluten free, plastics, BPA free. It’s tedious to find reliable info, so in this article, I’ve read a bunch of stuff for you and boiled it down to this.

I first heard about not heating plastic tupperware in my internship at The Endometriosis Association in Wisconsin.
Endo is an autoimmune disease that has been increasing exponentially since the 80s. The association raises money to fund scientific studies, searching for causes of the disease. Here’s a pamphlet summarising their research, which basically points to bioaccumulation of toxins in the environment showing up in the womb lining and ruining women’s lives (think, eating fish exposed to industrial biproducts can accumulate in the human body and affect the womb lining).

Web MD
This article on Web MD is great. It has a broad overview of all the  research we have to date. BPAs (similar dioxins that are linked to endo), affect oestrogen production. Scientists are still debating what is a “safe level” of these chemicals, but the fact is that we are all exposed to thses chemicals (in the west) every single day; we all have some in our body.
Adults seem to process them quite quickly, but children are especially susceptible (especially before they are born). It’s difficult to measure your personal daily exposure as legally, manufacturers aren’t required to declare whether there are BPAs in their packaging. One thing that surprised me about the Web MD article was that there are often BPAs in the lining of aluminium cans.


So, long story short: if I know I’ll be reheating food, I’ll put it in a glass container and pop it in the fridge. And if I know I’ll be taking food on a picnic (and not reheating), I’ll put it in a plastic container (because it’s lighter).  It’s simple, costs me nothing, because I can’t control the toxins in my food and environment.


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