Accidentally read an article in The Mirror

A friend sent me a link to an article in The Mirror:
Man commutes 5 hours a day from Barcelona to work in London and still saves money?

Something about this article just doesn’t add up. I see thrre main problems.

Firstly, let’s think about the maths. If it takes him an hour to get to the airport in Barce, then an hour to get from the airport in London to his office (unlikely but let’s estimate), then that’s already two hours each way, leaving 30 mins for airport security, waiting for the flight, then the actual flight itself. Hmm. Bernard’s watch, anyone?

Also, the man talks about getting a 5am bus to be at the office for 9:30am, which sounds like 4.5 hours (one-way).

Thirdly, he talks about “running on the beach *before* work” (my emphasis). He also doesn’t mention what time he gets “home” to his flat in Barce.

Why does the British
media always try to make people think Britain is rubbish? Tonnes of Spanish, Basque, and Catalan people are happily living in the UK. Yes, food and drink are imported and so expensive. But Britain is a highly developed country in the top 30 for quality of life in the *entire* world.
Courtesy of MoveHub: Quality of Life Around the World

Living Costs World Map


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