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I’ve gotten really in to swimming recently, so here’s a collection of bits and pieces that I’ve found useful in swimming training.

Freestyle/Breastroke/Nado de pecho

General tips:

Common mistakes:


1) Catch up

–every six kicks, pull with one arm. 123456 pull breathe

–single arm variation 123456 pull (left) breathe. 123456 pull (left) breathe.

2) Kicking on the side.

–1234 breathe to the side

— changing variation 123456 pull. change sides.

Flip Turns/Virajes

Practicing part 2 first

1.go down, push off from back, face up

2. go down, sitting position, push off, go onto side (kicking is ok)

3. go down, sitting position, push off, side, front, start swimming


2 somersaults in a row, feeling momentum, learning how not to come out of the somersault too quickly

Dry Land Exercises

1) straight leg kicks (hands under butt)

2) crunches in pilates 100 position

3) sit ups, but with pilates 100 position

4) side sit ups

5) toe touches

6) Lie face down. lift opposing arm and leg

7) Plank

8) Crab

9) yoga push ups: Downward dog. Plank. Cobra.


Apply coconut oil to hair. Wet hair. The hair will then absorb water, minimizing chlorine damage.


American Sniper: 0/5 The Worse Film I’ve Ever Seen

I had reservations about watching American Sniper. I worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it because of American propaganda, but I got lucky; this film has a lot more wrong with it than skewed ideology.

No Female Soldiers/ Soldiers of Colour

Women make up 14.5% of the active-duty force (according to CNN), while African American soldiers make up around a quarter. So with almost half of soldiers on active duty being made up of women and African Americans, you would think any modern war film worth its salt would try to accurately represent that, wouldn’t you? Well, you would be wrong.

Mental Illness/Masculinity

Men are at four times more risk of suicide than women. Some psychologists argue that this is because of hegemonic masculinity, which demands a “tough guy” front from men, who are conditioned from an early age to not talk about their feelings, leading to them not being able to ask for help later in life.

I found it completely irresponsible, that this film portrayed Chris Kyle (who seems to be suffering from classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress), as some sort of “strong silent type”, who’s miraculously cured by a 20 second scene with a psychiatrist who tells him simply to “help others” in order to recover. I don’t know whether this is Clint Eastwood’s old school portrayal of masculinity, or whether the problem comes from the autobiography that the film is based on.

Portrayal of Iraqis

Opens with “call to prayer”, which is normally played in Mosques.

Iraqis are referred to as “savages” by American soldiers.

Characters proclaim: “We’re not fighting for this dirt”

Brutal, unnecessary violence from “bad guys” (such as the scene where the enemy leader uses a drill on a child and then shoots both the child and the father), whereas American soldiers are depicted as just “doing their jobs”/”protecting themselves”.

The film depicts roughly 1 American soldier dying to 6-10 Iraqis. In actual fact, during the whole war, 4,500 American soldiers have been killed,  and 450,000 Iraqis, meaning  that a more realistic ratio might be 1 American soldier dying for every 100 Iraqi deaths.

Badly Made

-Comedy baby doll, completely obviously fake.

-Sound, in general. Car noise random and too loud.

-Wooden characters.

-Doesn’t hold together.

-Passage of time only shown by size of children (not by any changes in adult actors)

-Only one female character.

-Only one black actor.