A dip in Mum’s health: November 3-7 2014

My sister has been with my mum since after the weekend. She says that Mum is more sick than before, but still could get better. There’s no need to worry yet, and I don’t need to fly out. Not just yet.

I’ve checked the flights for the week as scheduled in my city, to the nearest city where my mum lives. They are not daily, which is something I need to bear in mind, but I suppose we shall just wait and see how she is.

Every day I wake up and think: “Will I need to fly today?”. Then I go swimming to relax my shoulders and neck, and try to go about my day without catastrophising.

Mum’s speech has changed on the phone. She is no longer asking me questions, only answering mine, as if she is very tired, too exhausted to think of what to say without an external prompt.


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