Trying to understand anti-feminist backlash

Feminism carries a stigma. Why? It seems like when talking about gender issues, people are scared that through change they will lose something. I’ve seen this in both men and women. For me and for many other people, feminism means equality for women. It means that women, as humans, have the right to decide to stay at home and be the primary caregiver if they want to, or to go out to work. It basically means freedom of choice. In my opinion, feminism and gender equality are synonymous/overlapping, and I believe that the key to the next stage in gender equality (in the west), is for us to change our idea of masculinity,  and “allow” men to have a “feminine side” without him being called “sissy”. I want to live in a world where anyone, male, female, hetero, homo, or trans, no matter what they look like, can live their life without fear of being attacked verbally or physically. Here are some questions I would like to answer in my research/future blog posts: Why is custody awarded to women almost automatically in divorce cases? What long term effects does single parenthood (of either gender) have on children? Is it worse for children to grow up raised by unhappy parents than stay together? Are there really less and less male primary school teachers? Why? What are the ways that men and women’s brains differ? How much of gender is socialisd and how much is innate? How does the patriarchy try to control men? Is there a male identity crisis? Are there male feminists? Why do women hate men? Why do women live for longer than men? Do we still need feminism? Rape and sexual abuse: Why do men rape women? Why do men rape men? How wide spread is rape in the west? Are there female rapists? How can we protect children from paedophiles and men from gender prejudice?


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