American Horror Story S01: Pro Life?

I was loving watching the series American Horror Story, but there was something niggling at me.

Was it not scary enough? I spent most of the first episode with a blanket over my face, while my boyfriend described what was happening to me while I bleated: “Why are they so curious? The basement, AGAIN?”. This show is full of tension. If you like a scary movie, this series is 100% for you.

Was it the cinematography? No, that’s good!

Was it the script? No, that’s not bad.



So, the house is haunted because the first owners (in the 1920s) ran an abortion clinic there. Someone kidnapped their baby as punishment, and chopped it up. The husband tried to sew it back together a la Frankenstein, the wife shot him, then herself. The house is now cursed due to the “crimes” (e.g. abortions, equated to murders)

More recently, the male co-owner of the house is visited by his mistress, who is pregnant, but refuses to have an abortion, deciding to keep the baby and live in the area.


Moira, the maid, was murdered by Constance because she caught her husband trying to rape her. She now appears as old to female characters and young and “tempting” to male characters.


Despite the disturbing undertones, I am enjoying watching the show with my partner. I’ve also just read online that there are some pro-choice themes in future series, so maybe I can justify my vegging out to trash TV that way…


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