The Death of my Camera

So, after much stopping and starting, my camera (now at the ripe old age of 11 months) has finally given up.

About 3 months ago, maybe after a torturous ride in a suitcase, the lens stopped from automatically coming out when I turned it on. “Turn off and on again”, it bleated, so I did, and it was resurrected.

Gradually, it became more and more difficult to get it to work reliably, and after about 10 days here, it gave up altogether, probably due to the humidity.

Then Carmen came. Carmen is the cinematographer from the film crew, and she knows a thing or two about cameras, and she told me to smack it, hard, giving me these instructions

1. make sure it’s turned off

2. hit it in the horizontal plane, to align the inner mechanism

3. hit it evenly, along the bottom part.

Low and behold, after 5 or six consecutively harder and harder smacks, it started working again! Hooray, I thought.

Until it gave up again on my trip to Tegucigalpa, never to open it’s eye again.

As it’s the holiday season, it will take a camera technician a while to fix it, and from now on I will be on the move so much that it’s unlikely I’ll be anywhere long enough for someone to fix it and give it back to me. So, what to do?

A. Take a chance, and try to pay for it to be fixed, even though the chances are someone will try to rip you off, being a $gringa tonta$ and all that.

B. Use camera on smart phone. It’s not great but it’s an OK sub

C. See if I can buy a new one for $100 (electronics here aren’t cheap, but there might be something in the sales?)

D. Buy a sketch pad and pencils to draw shizzle along the way, like flora, fauna, and hills. A $100 digital camera doesn’t do scenic shots too well, and any shots with people I meet on my travels can be taken on their iphone and tagged on facebook. Benefits: Living in the present, man. Drawback: not a very experienced scenic sketcher.

But like it or not, if I’m serious about keeping a blog, I need a decent camera to capture images on, as everyone looks at the pictures online, and few read the text.

So,  I’ll need to make a decision soon. I think
I can justify buying a new camera as photos are so important for journalism, but maybe I should wait a while and get a really nice one, with all the bits and pieces. A few years ago, I never would have dreamed of doing that, but I think I know enough about cameras now to know that I will be patient, read the manual, and go “shooting” with friends, and maybe even join a photography club. Yeah that’s right, I’m becoming “one of those” people!



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