A Week In Tegucigalpa…Without Internet!

I set off to stay with my friend in Tegucigalpa without my computer for several reasons.

1. It wouldn’t fit in my backpack and carrying in it in it’s little bag is like wearing a sign that says “rob me please”

2. My friend doesn’t have internet in her house so I would need to carry it out of the house to use the internet  (see point 1)

I often turn on my computer with a sinking feeling, knowing that I will inevitably lose an hour of my life to keeping up with email, facebook etc etc, yet when I don’t have access to these things for 10 days, there’s a usually a big surprise awaiting me when I finally go to check. The surprise is as follows:

Absolutely nothing has changed.


The world has not exploded, everything is OK, apart from the fact that I now have about 100 email adverts clogging my inbox and about 10 emails from friends asking if I’m free to skype “sometime”, but with full knowledge that we are both so busy that actually catching each other at a good time while being thousands of miles apart is easier said than done.

From now on, I will only spend 60 minutes at a time on my computer, making a “to do” list before I turn it on, sticking to it, and not get caught up in flimflammery.

Yeah right! 😛


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