Teething Pains

Travelling over the Christmas and New Year period can be complicated as not only are you in places you’re not familiar with, but many places are closed, so if you NEED to do something (like go to the dentist or get medicine) then you might have to wait or pay extra. With this in mind, I felt a growing sense of dread as about a week ago I started to feel a sharp pain in one of my molars. I hoped it would go away but alas, it remained, and got a little worse each day. 

It’s no coincidence that the dentist who saw me this morning at such short notice was in fact one of the girls who grew up in the home. I feel incredibly humbled by how Our Little Roses can take little girls from grim situations, give them food, education, and love, and help them to become qualified in professions that truly make a difference to people’s lives.

I have a temporary filling for now before being booked in to have a root canal within the next 24 hrs. I feel so incredibly grateful that this has happened in a place where I have access to pain killers, antibiotics, and dentists, as if I had kept to my original plan and spent Christmas in Costa Rica, I’d be out on a limb to say the least, probably suffering from a lot of tooth pain which would be ruining my hiking in a beautiful nature reserve.

Thank you Universe! 🙂


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