On the day, all was madness. Last minute changes, computer malfunctions, misunderstandings, tensions running high…

The event slipped out of my fingers, like a boat sailing away. I watched it from the stage, operating the subtitle powerpoint, marveling at the talent I saw before me. Although I had heard all of the poems so many times before, from my vantage point I could watch the faces in the audience, and it was as if I was hearing it all for the first time.

I thought I would feel good after the show ended, but now I feel… disconnected. The stress and pressure has been removed from my life and now I have time to take stock. What went well? What have I learned about myself? What would I like to not repeat in the future?

It was a steep learning curve, and now it has passed. The Universe took care of it all and everything fell into place in the end.