Long Distance Relationship Snapshots

Today is a momentous day, because it means that there is only 2 months left before my long distance relationship ends, and I return to live in the same city as my beloved partner. 3 months down, 2 more  to go.

Here’s a timeline of my relationship with my wonderful, patient, kind, loving, accepting, sweet, amazing partner.

September 6th: We meet at an international party. We spend the whole night talking and laughing like old friends. Upon saying goodbye, I tell him that I´m not interested in a relationship, that I think he’s a loose man, and that I’m going to go on a 600km hiking trip, during which I won’t be thinking of him at all because I’m the most important person in my life.

October  7th: We go for coffee “as friends”

October 14th: He has melted my ice cold heart and become a wonderful part of my life. We become “an item”

March 3rd: He leaves for Thailand. I make plans to visit over the summer.

❤ months long distance>

May 23rd: He comes back to Madrid for a week, on his way to work in Ireland for two months.

<2 months long distance>

July : We are reunited in his parents house in France. We spend 5 glorious weeks there, never arguing and being sickeningly romantic.

September 30th: I start my 5 month trip. Yoann tells me that he wants me to go as it’s what I’ve planned all along and he loves how independent I am.

<5 months long distance>

February 1st 2014: I’ll arrive in Bilbao, northern Spain. Can’t wait!

Having a relationship through Skype is hard. I always said that I would “never” have a long distance relationship with a boyfriend, as I’ve had ones with my family for a long time and I couldn’t imagine a boy being worth a life chained to the computer. Then I met Yoann, a man who said to me: “Go, because this is what you want. This is what is best for you. Follow your dreams. I’ll wait for you here”.


Here are some of my Skype highlights of my beloved that I´ve taken over the past few months without his knowledge.

Video call snapshot 9

Yoann, looking handsome and telling me about his day at work, teaching French.

Video call snapshot 27  Video call snapshot 33 Video call snapshot 34 Video call snapshot 39

My favourite times are when he takes the computer into the kitchen and talks to me while he’s cooking. We both love to cook and eat so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together.


Video call snapshot 8

Yoann trying to make his computer work. He hates technology, and pulls this face when it goes wrong.


Video call snapshot 11

Yoann asking me if when we live together he can display “Jimi”, his Jimi Hendrix mural (which can be seen in the background).

Video call snapshot 45

Scratching his head when I talk to him about starting a family…………………………………….by getting a cat.

Video call snapshot 24

Putting his ear to the screen to better hear me.


Video call snapshot 20

Telling me a story involving his wild boxing strength.

Video call snapshot 18

Looking bored as I’m moaning at him about wearing a helmet while boxing.


Video call snapshot 41 Video call snapshot 43

Laughing at his own jokes harder than anyone else. He gets this from his Dad. They say it is a progressive illness.


Never compromise your dreams for a relationship, no matter how much you think you are in love. “What is meant for you will not go by you”, and if it’s real, then it’s worth testing.

The girls here often ask me how I know he doesn’t have another girlfriend, how I know that he isn’t cheating. “Well,” I say, “if he wanted to cheat on me, he would be just as likely to do it when I was there as when I’m not”. And if you don’t trust each other, then you don’t have anything.



2 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship Snapshots

    1. Sarah H Post author

      Well, part of me wanted it to be a surprise “gift” for the special day, but the other half was like “protect his privacy”, so I described the article to him before posting it and explained that the pictures were to tell a bit of a story and to laugh at me too… When he saw the article he said “Wow, I never knew I was so handsome”, so I think he is ok with it in the end!


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