Thanksgiving in Honduras


The kids all came to school today in their Sunday best to celebrate Thanksgiving. There was food (chicken and rice) and then they all got to go home early, at 11am (school here starts at 7am).

Today I am thankful for:

>my students, for their undying enthusiasm

>the girls at the home, for their unconditional love

>how helpful the teachers are at the school

>all of the artists that I have met here (poets, photographers, documentary directors)

>the incredible strong women who run this home (the founder, the management, and the Tías, who take care of the girls every single day, giving them love and guidance)


It’s a miracle that I am here. I never would have imagined to come here, never would have thought of this by myself, and yet everything has fallen into place. I feel like I’m some way in between a volunteer and an intern here, and I am absolutely loving.

Some days are hard. People talking when I am talking to a large group is like nails down a chalkboard for me, so I’m here to learn to overcome that, and many other things.

Every day is a miracle.

2013-11-27 10.12.08


One thought on “Thanksgiving in Honduras

  1. Anne humphries

    Lovely to read how you are enjoying your experience, at least nearly all of it. It is indeed an imperfect world.


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