Pepsi Party

Big businesses can use a portion of their profits to do events, creating a tax break for themselves. Here’s one that I went to in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.



There was music (above) and dancing (below).


We all had fun, eating hot dogs and drinking soda.DSCF3684 DSCF3685

There were slides for the kids to play on.


As well as giving each child a bag made out of recycled material, they also gave out Toms shoes too.

DSCF3701 DSCF3706


As we walked to the bus, we had to step carefully over some rubble. We all enjoyed the day out, with music and dancing and soda, but I couldn’t help wondering if this event helps anyone here in a real, meaningful way. Honduras is a place with such deep problems.

Then again, if we want these children to be successful, then they need these every day life experiences (like festivals and events) to grow up as well rounded individuals. It takes more than simple food, clothing, and schooling to make an adult.


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