Arrived safely in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


After getting up at 3 am this morning to catch a 7 am flight from Chicago O’hare, it feels good to have arrived at the girls home Our Little Roses without any incident at all.

What can I say about the journey? I flew on a mini plane from Miami to San Pedro. It was awesome to hear so many people speaking Spanish in Miami airport, although I used vosotros (which means “you all” but is only used in Spain) and the server in the bar didn’t understand me (“Tenéis café?” [blank stare]).

San Pedro airport was tiny, and after the immigration desk, we had to put our bags through another security check (for drugs and guns). I started sweating because I realised that I had a big tupperware box of white powder in my pack. I love to use bicarbonate of soda as a cheap eco-friendly shampoo and deodorant, but if the security had delayed me to investigate the fine white powder, then I would have been very embarrassed. Luckily I smuggled it through…

My first impressions of the city are that it is very green, and very humid. The buildings don’t seem to be more than two storeys, as if they are cowering under the shadow of the lush green mountains. I have seen a lot of shacks as shops by the side of the road. And I’ve learned that rule number one of car journeys in Honduras is: “Wear a bra”.


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